Chocolate and  wine is an exotic combination, just like Romeo and Juliet. When you pair both these evergreen products, you get a match made in heaven. Both, wine and chocolate, have a wide range of flavors and textures that entice everyone around it. While some people choose to enjoy both of these separately, most like to try out new methods of pairing them. This is soon turning into a hobby for most people who are fond of both these products. The below article opens up methods you need to follow in order to pair the two successfully.

The first rule: The chocolate that you are having should not be sweeter than the wine you are pairing it with. If this happens, the wine will taste bitter. To ensure that this does not happen, you would probably need to nibble on a little bit of chocolate before you go and grab your wine from the wine refrigerator, but that’s worth the effort. Testing the sweetness of the chocolate and the wine before you decide to pair them will ensure that you have the right blend of both.

Quality of the chocolate: When you decide to pair wine with chocolate, always be sure to purchase only quality chocolate to be used while pairing. Depending on your taste and liking, you can choose whether you would prefer a white, dark or milky chocolate. Whatever it may be, check to make sure that its origins are impeccable and the manufacturer deals only in high quality chocolates.

Darkness of the Chocolate: Wine and chocolate should be paired depending on the darkness of the chocolate. What this means is, the darker the chocolate, the darker the wine should be. So if you choose to decide to go with dark chocolate, red wine is recommended. If you are pairing chocolate with white wine, look for a chocolate that has a slight fruitiness, bitterness, acidity and sweetness.

Smoothness: Wine needs to be smooth as silk, because its smoothness is important when it is being paired with chocolate.

Where to start? When you are testing the pairing, make sure to start with the low density wines paired with milk or white chocolates. Gradually move forward by following this chain until you have finally paired dark chocolate with a high density red wine. The darkest wine should be tried last.

Selecting Wine: When you’re selecting chocolate wines, consider the flavor of the Chocovine you intend to pair it with. If you choose a bottle of wine that cannot be paired with the chocolate you have, it will only be a waste of time and money for you. Ensuring that you select the right wine to go with your chocolate can be a treat for your taste buds.

Experiment: The most important rule of wine testing is to experiment. Don’t be afraid to go beyond what books and experts say, and try out something that you think may work for you. Mix it up a bit and try new combinations of wine and chocolate and see what goes best. Don’t restrict yourself to do what others do, instead, look beyond these simple rules and experiment with all the possible intuitions that you have.

Being bold and creative while sticking to the basics can lead to successful wine testing. If this is a hobby, make sure that you experiment as much as possible to indentify the different tastes and flavors that can come out of various pairing techniques.


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